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Saturday, January 15, 2011


On January 11, 2011, I began participating in an 11-day challenge called Ignite.  The idea is to spend 11 minutes daily focused on maximizing time spent with oneself and radiating positive energy throughout the world.  An Atlanta-based life coach named Alex Obed created the challenge and posts daily videos to give the participants ideas about how to spend their 11 minutes.  In my blog this week, I’m posting my responses to his challenge.  As per usual for me, my timing is a bit off, but I’m not letting that small detail deter me from following through with my plans.   After all, Einstein said “the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." So, let’s be realistic: timing is over-rated anyway. :-)

In addition to following Alex's guidelines, my husband and I have also begun a practice of meditating for 11 minutes each day at 11:11 (either AM or PM, depending on the children's sleeping schedules).  I'll be posting some of the visions and insights that have come to me during these as well.

For more info. about Ignite and Alex Obed, please CLICK HERE.

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