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Friday, February 18, 2011

Plan C

Well, I did not complete the 11 day challenge as planned, but my hodge-podge approach to viewing the daily videos seemed to reveal a general pattern which I’ve adapted to a little world view I like to call Plan C.  Feel free to really let you mind run with all the undertones of that title.  Now, check it out.  It goes something like this. . . .
CREATE  . . .  art, crafts, good vibrations, a nourishing meal, a new opportunity.  The form your creation takes doesn’t matter.  The act of consciously manifesting something is enough.
CARE . . . for others and yourself.  Share hugs, share encouragement, share a meal, clean up messes.  Acknowledge the adage that we are all fighting a hard battle.  Infuse your being with a pervasive sense of care.
 CONNECT. . .  with others, with nature, with yourself.  Connecting gives your thoughts a context and common ground on which to take root and flourish.  Connecting brings us purpose and relieves fear.     
Pretty fabulous, right?  And simple.  Complexity is a C-word we don't need.  I'm interested in the core of things.