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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorry ,Sid

Sid the Science Kid is a decent show most of the time, but today they are singing about getting vaccinations. The song tells children that it is their civic duty to become vaccinated.  Seriously? Do people really think this way? This episode is a clear-cut example of propaganda directed right at youth. I will use it one day to teach my kids a lesson about the importance of being critical of the media at the same time that I teach them about why we don't support vaccination in our home. As for today, my 3-year-old is shouting at the TV, "Siiiiiiid, they're WRONG!" Go girl!

As for me, I probably would have been singin' and dancin' right along with Sid at my daughter's age, but, then, I hadn't had biology yet. My current opinions of vaccination are addressed pretty well in the following article:

To summarize: There is little to no solid evidence that vaccinations actually do what they claim. There is also limited evidence that vaccines cause autism, cancer and severe degenerative physical and mental illness., as their opponents claim. However, the illnesses which vaccines fight are generally less horrific than the illnesses they may create. Since it's a gamble either way, I'd rather my kids get sick with something more or less "natural" than with something that I WILLINGLY GIVE THEM in the form of a chemical cocktail sometimes cultured upon a base of . . . wait for it. . . . monkey brains. I think most common-sense people would agree with me were it not for social programming like ol' Sid the Science Kid that makes it look like vaccination is the choice of sweet kindergarten teachers and loving grandmas. In contrast, the face of anti-vaccination must look like a monster.

Do I look like a monster?

I don't think so.

Does the pharmaceutical industry somehow fund Sid's existence? Probably.

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